Comprehensive Dental Services For All Ages

Dr. Virdi strongly focuses on patient education and oral disease prevention. We encourage you to ask any question you may have about your procedure, your treatment plan, or your health. We want to give you the information you need to stay healthy and avoid larger procedures in the future.

We focus on general dentistry services and we serve individuals of all ages. The pages below will provide an initial conversation on some of our services. In general, they fall into a few categories:

  • Preventative and diagnostic – dental exams, oral cancer screenings, dental cleanings, sealants
  • Hygiene – cleanings, scaling and root planing
  • Cosmetic – bonding, veneers, and whitening
  • Restorative – fillings, onlays, inlays, root canals, crowns, bridges
  • Prosthetic – removable partial and complete dentures, implant restoration
  • Surgical – extractions

Review the pages in this section and ask us any follow up questions you may have.

Contact us to schedule your appointment.


We accept most major dental insurance providers.


I hadn’t been to the dentist in over five years and I had several cavities that needed pretty big fillings. Dr. Virdi created a custom care plan for me and the process was not nearly as horrible as I thought it would be.

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